A83 slip recovery work ongoing
A83 slip recovery work ongoing

Taking care to maintain social distancing and to observe all current NHS and government health advice, a team of experts has been carrying out extensive operations to stabilise the slope and construct a back-up catch-pit.

BOBcast Podcast Episode 9 “Niblicks, Spoons and Touchscreen Carts”

Season 2 Episode 9 – Bob’s progress through the Golfing World, The Touchscreen Cart, a listeners question and Silly question of the week plus banter from presenters Stephen Day, George Graham and Keith McIntyre also this week Kathie Griffiths catches up with Robert Cruickshanks to find out what Bob’s support means to “Martyn’s Monday Club”

Worldwide ceilidh community sign up for Tunes in the Hoose

Inspired by Scottish musician Peter Wood, Martin MacLeod and his son, also Martin, have created an online community for musicians to help them connect and continue to play together during these uncertain times. Click the links in the story for a wee peek.