The beavers are back

Photo: Scottish Beaver Trial

Photo: Scottish Beaver Trial

BEAVERS are to be allowed to stay in Mid Argyll, the Scottish Government has announced.

But environment secretary Roseanna Cunningham said the species will have to be actively managed, in line with practices in other European countries.

Work has now begun to ensure beavers can be added to Scotland’s list of protected species as soon as possible. It will be the first time a mammal has been officially reintroduced to the UK.

A five-year-long trial reintroduction of Eurasian beavers to Knapdale concluded

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Hopes that beaver kits bring visitors to Mid Argyll


Five new born beaver kits have been spotted at the Scottish Beaver Trial in Knapdale, which it is hoped could bring visitors to Mid Argyll.

Read more about the kits in the Argyllshire Advertiser, August 16 2013 and on line at

Heart of Argyll defends Scottish beaver trial tourism


THE BUSINESS community in Mid Argyll is this week fending off criticism that it is not doing enough to capitalise on the tourist opportunities associated with the Scottish Beaver Trial.

At a recent stakeholder meeting of the Scottish Beaver Trial, concern was expressed that the trial, which reintroduced beavers to Scotland at Knapdale Forest in 2009, had not boosted tourism in the area.

But the Heart of Argyll Tourism Alliance (HOATA) which represents Mid Argyll businesses said a lot is being

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Three young beavers spotted at Knapdale


A BUMPER brood of three young beavers has been spotted by eagle-eyed watchers in the forests of Knapdale, Mid Argyll. Continue reading Three young beavers spotted at Knapdale

Calls to abandon Knapdale beaver trial


CALLS to abandon the Knapdale Beaver Trial have been made after the Scottish Government said it would monitor escaped beavers living along the River Tay. Continue reading Calls to abandon Knapdale beaver trial

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