Political winds turn air a shade of blue in Argyll and Bute


THE SUN shone on Argyll and Bute for the council election on Thursday May 4 – but it was the Scottish Conservatives and SNP with a rosy glow after the votes were tallied the following day.

Along with the LibDems, each increased their numbers around the council chamber.

After a hard day of counting at Lochgilphead Joint Campus, the final overall make-up of Argyll and Bute Council is now (with numbers in previous council in brackets) SNP: 11 (8), Independents: 10 (18), Scottish Conservatives: 9 (4) : and Lib Dems: 6 (4).

The electorate decided that a few well-known faces would no longer serve as councillors after many years of service, including John McAlpine in Kintyre and the Isles, Alex McNaughton in Cowal and Bute’s Robert MacIntyre.

But there are plenty of new faces – and among that number a few with a strangely familiar look.

Much more in the Friday May 12 edition of the Argyllshire Advertiser.

Full results

Ward 1 – South Kintyre

Voting in ward 1 was not required as the number of candidates matched the number of vacancies. Councillors are: John Armour, Scottish National Party (SNP); Rory Colville, Scottish Liberal Democrats; and Donald Kelly, Scottish Conservative and Unionist.

Ward 2 – Kintyre and the Islands

Councillors elected: Robin Currie, Scottish Liberal Democrats; Anne Horn, Scottish National Party (SNP) and Alastair Redman, Scottish Conservative and Unionist.

Ward 3 – Mid Argyll

Councillors elected: Donnie MacMillan, Independent; Douglas Trevor Philand, Independent; and Sandy Taylor, Scottish National Party (SNP).

Ward 4 – Oban South and the Isles

Mary-Jean Devon, Independent; Jim Lynch, Scottish National Party (SNP); Roddy McCuish, Independent; Jamie McGrigor, Scottish Conservative and Unionist.

Ward 5 – Oban North and Lorn

Kieron Green, Independent; Julie McKenzie, Scottish National Party (SNP); Elaine Robertson, Independent; and Andrew Vennard, Scottish Conservative and Unionist.

Ward 6 – Cowal

William Gordon Blair, Scottish National Party (SNP); Yvonne McNeilly, Scottish Conservative and Unionist; and Alan Reid, Scottish Liberal Democrats.

Ward 7 – Dunoon

Jim Anderson, Independent; Audrey E Forrest, Scottish National Party (SNP); and Bobby Good, Scottish Conservative and Unionist.

Ward 8 – Isle of Bute

Jim Findlay, Scottish National Party (SNP); Jean Murray Moffat, Independent; and Len Scoullar, Independent.

Ward 9 – Lomond North

George Freeman, Independent; Barbara Morgan, Scottish Conservative and Unionist; and Iain Shonny Paterson, Scottish National Party (SNP).

Ward 10 – Helensburgh Central

Lorna Douglas, Scottish National Party (SNP); Graham Archibald Hardie, Scottish Liberal Democrats; Aileen Morton, Scottish Liberal Democrats; and Gary Mulvaney, Scottish Conservative and Unionist.

Ward 11 – Helensburgh and Lomond South

David Kinniburgh, Scottish Conservative and Unionist; Ellen Morton, Scottish Liberal Democrats; and Richard Trail, Scottish National Party (SNP).

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